August 22, 2006

Little Miss Sunshine Deux

Been thinking more about this movie; mostly tickled by another blog. And I begin to see an undercurrent of class woven through the movie.

Many of the small mini-plots have a class angle. When Uncle Frank encounters his former lover and academic rival, they are driving a Jaguar. Dad takes a scooter over to Scottsdale (ever been to the resort hotels there?) where he's clearly out of his league . Olive is competing against folks with money and class. Even Dwayne's attempts to escape into respectability (via the air force) has a class issue. And in each case, the family member's attempts to transcend class, to step up a bit, are foiled. And perhaps, they become more human and more content as well.

No serious theme here, just some things that drifted up out of the ether over the past few days......

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