August 05, 2006

Election Season

Zippy and I, along with three newish dyke friends, hit the West Indian Festival at the Riverfront. Nice to see: Robin/Holly/Riley. Hi! We never actually get to socialize with you but its always great to see you.

Not so nice to see: a horde of Lieberman paid political announcers, with signs and shirts and stickers. John Destafano was there. Chris Dodd was there. No Lieberman (that I could see). I only got snotty with two of the Lieberman Staff: one persistant one was told I would vote for Joe for $65 a day, for the entire year. Another was told I would vote for Joe if he changed his name to Ned Lamont. The Lieberman Staff had a sort of mass mind, borgishness about them. Milling about, handing out flyers and shirts and stickers, running from one end of the plaza to the other. Mostly, I JUST SAID NO. Ick.

It had the feel of a hit and run stop - none of the perky suburbanish Lieberman employees seemed the type to actually stay and listen to steel drums. The whole thing had a feel like a US military action - overwhelming force, technological superiority. At times it seemed the the Lieberman staff were fighting among themselves over the few people who would actually stop to talk, with 2 or 3 of them rushing at an individual until one made contact.

I also saw a few folks that looked like bloggers, trying to keep a low profile. Your geekery was evident to me, if that was you. Smart move, the Lieberman team had muscle with 'em and its a long drop off the plaza.....

We came home to 2 election phone messages, John Destefano (sounding like a cranky old guy complaining about the dogs barking) and former president Bubba, pushing for Lieberman. More ick. I am still equivocating on the gubernatorial choice. I think I'll visit both websites and see which one pisses me off least.

In other news, I chased the balloon this morning, BB and K2 and two children flew on the family plan. A modest flight - Farmington to Southington, landing in a postage stamp sized condo parking lot. Nice to chase for an experienced pilot. Finished cleaning up the back porch, and we now have room for a mat (I got some yoga in, guided by the Shiva Rae disk I picked up).

And Colin has seen fit to pick up the torch on my Ken Burns / Battle of Ted's concept - wholly unexpected to hear from the master (I anticipated another listener / reader with some flash or video editting chops doing something). Funny as hell, I am tickled pink. (this is just an expression, pink does not suit me) I look forward to the live reading on Monday.

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Colin's bit is pretty funny. I've been reading firedoglake and dailykos like an addict for a few weeks now. Really wish I had time to come to CT and help Ned.