August 23, 2006

Traveling Again

Off to Amarillo. The trip through the BDL security was pretty much of a non-issue - minimal lines at both the ticket counter as well as security. I cleared out my purse of cosmetics (in a small baggie in my checked luggage) and since I almost always have a must-be-checked tool case, I usually check my suitcase too. So the whole elevated security is pretty much a non-issue, for me. Bottom line: I am sitting here at the gate a full 90 minutes early. Happy (again) for the free wireless here at BDL. It's the little things.....

I did run into a Jazzercise friend at the AA ticket counter en route to Kansas via Chicago. The flight to ORD that I see is a 9:53 one which means she is here 3.4 hours early. I do not feel quite so bad about my 90 minutes. I can maybe get some work done. Or some surfing / goofing off.

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