August 15, 2006

Cheshire Crossing

I kind of avoid web comics, in the way that I have avoided D&D in college, science fiction past college, and purchasing any sort of Star Trek or Star Wars gack (including the myriad of books based on these properties). Geekish crack - I probably carry the genetic material that would result in a wall filled with books and models and a van filled with socially awkward folks dressed in expensive and authentic uniforms heading up to Boston for a convention. One life-engrossing hobby / lifestyle per person, please.

But this comic by Andy Weir seems worth reading. It's just getting started, so you have not missed much. The concept: Dorothy Gale (Wizard of Oz, for you straight folks), Alice (in Wonderland) Liddel, and Wendy (Peter Pan) Darling are all angsty young women who have been institutionalized over the years because of their "delusions". Except they really *have* experienced the things that were reported in their respective stories. And they come to an institute where people believe them and want to help them.

It's pretty funny, interestingly drawn, and a neat concept. Even if Elpheba is the baddie again. And your little dog too.....

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