August 28, 2006

Catching Up

This is supposed to be catch-up week. The Connecticut Sun seasion ended last night (else I would have had games to work on Wed and Fri). One of my time intensive clients is on vacation (so no work coming in this week, though I suspect I'll see a lot next week as he pushed the backlog out),

* I have a trip report to do following my Amarillo trip, probably in two stages (prelim first, final later)
* I have a paper to finish this week for the PQ conference
* I have two newish clients to get caught up on (important!)
* I have a few projects for another client that have been back burnber for a while
* I have a bunch of small website updates and changes for another client
* I have to clean my office
* I have to get my to do list and project board updated
* Get my end of the month invoicing done

So far today, I slept in (much needed following Wed-Fri travel and Sat / Sun WNBA games), got my WNBA invoices out, went through my email (over 500 new messgaes, most of which were JUNK filtered), and arranged to get my power analyzer back (its still in Amarillo)

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