August 20, 2006

An Ugly Sweep

I was in a mood. Maybe catching whatever my brother had up in MA yesterday - just not on my game. I wandered into MoSun early, and still ended up pushing to get everything done - there were 5 video captures and lots of new content because of the playoffs.

The Sun were similarly off. They won, but the first half seemed to be a coin toss, they finally looked to take control in the 4th only to nearly lose it at the end. Incredible numbers of turnovers. The Mystics shot better from the floor, shot better from the arc, sho better from the line. Lindsay looked OK, for the most part, although she missed 4 FT's. Taj was having problems scoring in the paint. There were times the Sun got 2 or 3 attempts, and missed em all. It was basketball, ugly. About the only thing you can say is the Mystics were a bit worse. They came out hard and fouling - Chasity Melvin fouled out, Miller, Robinson, and Milton each tallied 5 personals, and the teams 32 swamped the Sun's 17 (5 of which were by Taj)

Basketball ugly. I hope they get it together for Detroit, cause this sort of game will not end up with a W against the Shock.

The bad part - Katie Douglas pulled up and was badly limping toward the end of the 4th. Might just be a cramp, but it looked bad. Looking around to see how she is doing now....

Edit: And the results are in. Connecticut Sun All-Star guard Katie Douglas has a hairline fracture in her right foot and is doubtful for the remainder of the WNBA playoffs, the team announced Monday.


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