August 03, 2006

Femme Leanings

Well, we're about 1/2 way through the third quarter of 2006 before I caved and got a manicure and pedicure. Falcon Ridge did a number on my extremities (I was picking mud out of my toes for a week or so, my fingernails got shredded) and I've been so busy since, I finally caved and went to the local salon. Subtract 2 'butch' points, if you are keeping score at home.

Tonight is the last of the every other day home game stretch down at the MoSun - and its gonna be a good one - Lisa Leslie and the LA Sparks come to town in what may be a preview of the finals. If the Sun lose, I would not be surprised - Nykesha has been out for a while, and the last few games have been the Asjha Jones / Erin Philips show, with Whelan, Douglas, and Taj being pretty quiet.

At least once per game lately, Margo has put the ball on the floor in a way that has EVERYONE on the headsets screaming "No!" Usually, its a top of the key move to the hoop, but last game she started dribbling up the court after a defensive rebound.

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