August 14, 2006

Bush says Israel defeated Hezbollah

Stuff like this frosts me.

THough I do not blog much about world or national politics, I do not think it would surprise anyone to know I am not a fan of the current administration. But, I dunno. I expect maybe some spin, some selling of a point of view, some malevolent policies to further a cause I do not support. But this is just ludicrous. The "defeated" Hezbollah fighter tossed 250 rockets into Israel yesterday, to get a few licks in before the cease fire.

I do not have strong opinions about the middle east - not sure Israel should be where it is, not sure that its defensive posture is entirely without justification. It's just a horrible and ugly situation.

But come on, even if Hezbollah was weakened and suffered more losses than Israel in the fighting, the political cost to Israel was incredibly high. It's this sort of stupid and shortsighted talk (Israel defeated Hezbollah) that makes me despise the current administration. At least previous administrations had brains - even if I did not agree with what they were doing or like the policies, I had to at least admire the guile, the craft, the machinations. If the USA could just be magnanimous and say we were glad the cease fire seems to be holding and appalled at the loss of life - we might be able to help broker a peace. But no. Our fearless leader says this and fans the flames of discontent in the arab world.

Pick the stupidest thing out of all the options that one could do - the thing most likely to get people pissed off at the USA, cost american lives and dollars, have no significant strategic or military benefit, and be really difficult to boot. And these folks will find something even less intelligent, and then do it half assed.

It's not the evilness. It's the stupidity.

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