August 02, 2006


Somehow I have become Chat Impaired.

I've been an online chat person from nearly Day 1: I was accessing Compuserve in text mode from an old CP/M machine with an 8 line LCD display and a 300 baud modem. I've spent hours and hours on AOL, I've hung out on IRC. But I have not in any way shape or form figured out Yahoo Chat or MSN Messenger or Myspace or anything newish. I haver Yahoo Chat loaded up; a forum I visit has Thursday night chats and I pop in once in a while. But that's it.

Somehow, my Yahoo Profile is alluring, I get people inquiring, trying to initiate conversation. Almost always, the come on is weak and facile, without a lot of substance or allure. Easily ignored; I turn off my visibility if I bothered to spend the time figuring out how. And there seems to be a language, culture, and culture to the chat that has gotten past me. What is BUZZ! and why does it seem crass and rude to me?

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