August 11, 2006

Friday Quickie

I am wandering own to MoSun this afternoon for the last home game (Fan Appreciation Night) and dammit, I better be getting a tee-shirt. No swag all season, and this one goes to all the fans.

After that, the playoffs. Looks like Round #1 vs. the washington Mystics - so I work 8/20 and maybe 8/22 (if needed). After that Detroit or Indiana (another Best of 3 series, with two more possible home games). Then the finals. I am betting its Washington (not so close a series, maybe two games), Detroit (will go three games, coin toss, they play the Sun so well) and then, if all goes well, the finals (I am not even gonna venture a guess).

This morning was my first serious self directed yoga practice - it went really well - I worked up some good heat, practiced for about an hour, the music worked out fine, and the dogs were not a bother. It was kind of cute actually, Elo came in to see what I was up to, did a few play bows (downward dog!) and ended up doing his own doggie yoga on the floor.

I need to rename the music on the MP3 player to get them to play in sequence (they go alphabetic, the disks were sort of sequenced to a practice) - but, so far success!


Anonymous said...

I've had the same problem with my mp3. I tried adding numerals as first charachters, without success. I'll try letters instead.


Jude said...

Yeah, I spent 30-45 minutes adding numbers to the title and reloading the player, and that did not work ::grumble::

One disk where I added letters sequenced properly, so that looks like the way to go.