August 13, 2006

'Lectrician, Me

It's been a while since I dabbled in 'lectrics. Back in Waterbury, I swapped out fuses for a 100A breaker panel. I sent (2) x 220 VAC / 20 amp lines upstairs for baseboard heat, and I added a fan, GFCI outlet, and lights to the bathroom. Lot of miscellaneous electrical work. I'm not exactly efficient, and it ain't always pretty, but I do it to code.

Today, I finished up a modest wiring project. Pulled out the 220 VAC circuits to the old jenn-aire cooktop and oven. Added a 120 VAC outlet behind the stove (for the stove light and ignitor) and a pull box behind the new range hood. It's all wired, stapled, good to go. Little bit of neatening up, and pulling the cable clamps for the old runs, and its done. A job (well?) done. The only thing I am not 100% happy with is the way the range is mounted (anchors) - I need to get some better anchors and will do that when MP comes to do the tileboard (the hood has to come down anyway)

Now that I am done with my chores, I took a shower, changed into my jammies, and opened a beer. I am woman, hear me roar. Actually, it was hear me swear after I whacked my head on the hood.

Nevertheless, the basement is (and has been) a disaster area and my next project is I think cleaning up down there - first the tool bench area and then the rest.

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Anonymous said...

Ya gotta love self-sufficient, strong women. At least I do.