August 25, 2006

Back to Connecticut

Made it home with a minimum of hassle. The new airline carry-on rules make for a lot less annoying rollaboards - which is a good thing. Less chance of getting bonked on the head as a 90 pound person hefts a 40 pound bag with wheels into the overhead. Decent flights (though not decent enough to let me get work done) - Amarillo is a smallish little airport (smaller than Bradley) and that means getting to the airport an hour before the flight was plenty of time, at least at 6:00 a.m.

I am on a forgetful streak - I had my power analyzer shipped to the hotel (and then forgot about it, need to call and have Fed Ex fetch it to return). I also left my prescription sunglasses in the rental car (en route back via UPS ground) and gave the rental car company my cell phone (not my fax number) for the receipt. I left my boarding pass in the seatback on the flight down. And I returned to find the Saturn's dome light had been on for two days (the battery was fresh enough for it not to matter......) Better start being more attentive.....

It was a two movie kind of day. En route home was Akeelah and the Bee, which was a cute little "made for tv" kind of thing about a young girl from So Central LA who goes on to win the national spelling bee. Lots of teary moments - not too controversial or challenging. Was happy to see the really obvious plot device (have the divorced spelling coach and Akeelah's single mom get together) was left unexplored. Good movie to suggest for mom.

Tonight, Zippy and I went to see Mongolian Ping Pong at Real Art Ways (our pal AC met us there). Totally charming and thought-provoking, similar in a lot of ways to Tale of the Weeping Camel. Big theme of indigenous culture vs. western / technology, which we beat to death over dinner (Indian, Taste of India) where we ran into a friend.

Tomorrow is Jazzercise, I suspect (I slacked off during my trip, no yoga or jazzercise) and game #2 of the Suns-Shock series. Not too optimistic for the Sun, playing without Katie Douglas and with Nykesha not back on her game - but it they win tomorrow, Game #3 is on Sunday.

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