August 19, 2006

Family Affairs

In which our intrepid heroines journey to Framingham MA for a family cookout / swim party / multi-birthday celebration.

Not much to report. The food was OK, my gifts were appropriate. Actually, the Nerf revolvers were more than appropriate, all three kids were entranced, and when my niece in a bathing suit started posing with a Nerf gun, looking like a Bond girl, I felt awfully old. I also ended up playing a game of Cricket with my youngest nephew - who is pretty good.

My older nephew had a pink toenail, a gift from a girl at camp. He's a hunkster in training, no doubt. I swam a little, hot-tubbed a little, we played a fun game called Whoonu with the kids. My sister was pretty dominant, since the game depends on knowing the other players, and she had grown up with two of the players and given birth to the other three. Zippy picked up some books from my brother (a refreshing liberal in my more or less conservative family). All in all, a nice day.

Tomorrow, WNBA playoff at MoSun. I suspect the Sun will be closing out the Washington Mystics pretty handily, making a game on Tuesday unlikely. Now, will it be Detroir or Indiana for the conference finals?

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