October 20, 2006

Balmy Morning

There was an old joke out there, perhaps during the first gulf war, perhaps at the start of this one when we were pumped up on machismo and technological superiority. It went "What's the weather tonight in Baghdad? Balmy (bomb-ie)......"

Jokes on us, eh? While words like quaqmire and malaise have been in use pretty much from the start by those opposed to the war, it really does feel like that, these days. Having grown up in the Vietnam era, and watched the few minutes of footage and reportage, the crude maps and graphics of the era, and the body count, the news out of Iraq is damn near nostalgic. Sadly so. 74 dead Americans in October so far.

Fatique is setting in, with the red states trustfully sending sons and brothers and fathers to fight and planning to pull the Republican lever through their tears, and the blue states realizing that there is not much we can do without regime change at home - and focusing all of our energies on ousting every single war supporting senator, congressperson, and town clerk we can get our votes on.

No idea where this came from, I took the dogs out this morning and the mild October morning game me the word Balmy......

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