October 21, 2006

Progressive Party

When one goes to a Halloween party where the primary attendees are (a) Librarians and (b) Unitarian Universalists, well, it tends to be a pretty liberal crowd.

When the host and hostess have a little New Orleans in their backgrounds, and the comestibles include gumbo, jambalaya, dirty rice, red beans, and cornbread, you are happy to have skipped dinner. (Said host and hostess also had a stellar costume concept - the "Host" came as a communion wafer, and the "Hostess" came as a twinkie. We were much amused.)

And when the House Majority leader happens to live down the street and comes calling in fabulous cowboy garb (methinks he moonlights as a country-western musician), well, its a partay!

Nurse Judy (my other costume concept, Yogi Bear, fell through for want of a bear mask or makeup and clean yoga duds) and Zippy the pinhead attended. And while Zippy did a core dump on health care to the Meriden cowboy, I am amused this morning to find (a) that Rep. Donovan is the House Majority Leader (and somewhat chagrined not to have recognized that last night, I am clueless on state government) and that his state website targets health care for the 2007 legislative agenda:
June 22, 2006
“The challenge before us is to provide quality healthcare at an affordable price that is accessible to everyone. It is a challenge the House Democrats are willing to take on – I view universal healthcare as a top priority for our caucus in the 2007 legislative session. The time has come to make healthcare available to all Connecticut residents.”

Rep. Christopher Donovan, House Majority Leader

Adding to the angst, a former GF (from back in the day, before a certain major life change, and who I was pretty thoughtless to in terms of breaking up and am mortified at my behavior to this day) was at the party. Thankfully, she is as classy as I am classless, and all went well, and Zippy has another ex of mine to have a crush on.

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