October 17, 2006

Yoga Spam

I moderate comments here, mostly because the SPAM bots and worms have infiltrated blogland, but also because occasionally someone with an axe to grind will decide to be problematic.

Today, I got a comment on a post from back in April. Somewhere in there I mentione yoga. And so I get a comment:
yoga Do you know that in studying psychology anyone who is acquainted with the Sanskrit tongue must know how valuable that language is for precise and scientific dealing with the subject. The Sanskrit, or the well-made, the constructed, the built-together, tongue, is one that lends itself better than any other to the elucidation of psychological difficulties. Need more information? Visit yoga class

The post links in to yoga.publicinformationportal.com, which does not seem to be a commercial site except for 4 fairly discrete google adword listings. A few nominal links to text which seems a bit ethereal but not problematic.

Just goofy. Yoga spam. Makes me wonder if someone has set up a bot or worm to comb blogland looking for places to link in specific subjects - are the revenues from Adwords (which are only billed when one click on 'em) worth it?)

The adwords themselves are amusing - with a "Manifest Piles of Money" headline, and a Kundalini Ringtone, a Krishna Ringtone, and an intriguing IS YOGA DANGEROUS? come on that leads to www.yogadangers.com - which seems to be a Christian based site aimed at beating down the "salvation" competition. Rutro.....

That makes me a double abomination....

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