April 30, 2006

Weird Coincidences

At exercise class yesterday, a condolence card was being passed around; one of the regular women had a brother who died suddenly. Last night, my friend K2 called up in between a wake and a small get-together for a long time friend from back in her high school and college days who had died suddenly. Same guy. Weird.

Sunday morning here, a few minutes blogging before yoga. Gonna be a busy-ish day - after yoga, I need to get ready and go fetch MYA, will take her to a social space where she can connect with some of her old friends, and I will simultaneously go to a community meeting. At 5, we boogie out of there, I take her home, and scurry over to New Britain to the opera. No rest for the weary (or the wicked).

I am still pondering the woman who asked if I'd be at yoga this morning. It's hard to describe the feeling of community and warmth that little, innocent question has engendered. "Will be be coming Sunday morning?". The meaning intertwined - you are part of the sunday morning community. You have been noticed. Your presence is part of the experience. You would be missed.

It reminds me of something I did once - I gave a person my card in a support group space. It was a meaningless act to me - a small kindness, call me if you have questions. Yet to her - it was much more meaningful - a lifeline she could call if she needed to. Evidence that our malady could be overcome. And though she never took advantage, perhaps her journey was easier knowing that the net was there....

I shall keep that in mind as I practice today - how meaningful small words, small gestures, small kindnesses can be. And how I can open my life and heart to make more of these.....

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