April 05, 2006

Lost Phone

In light of a lost (and now cancelled) cell phone, the concept of killing off my work voice mail, having the work number forward to the cell phone and the cell phone go to voice mail seems less sensible. Oh well, live and learn - I'll replace the cell tomorrow. Grumble. I tried all the usual tricks - called up the places I last was (a Dunkin Donuts and my mentee's) and called the cell a bunch of times (mostly to see if it was in my bag or car, but also in the hopes that someone woudl answer it).

My guess is that I left it at the Dunkin Donuts on North Main in Bristol - I called there to inquire about it (no, we did not find a cell phone) but immediately after that, the cell phone (which had been ringing a few times, then transferring to voice mail) was suddenly busy (going right to voice mail). I bet I left it in the bathroom; I asked the woman to check. Bet she found it and decided to make some calls. Sorry sucka....I cancelled it minutes later. Be interesting to see where that last call was made too.....

Pretty boring night. I ran over to Bristol, MYA and I took a car load of cans / bottles back for her mom, and then we went to a chinese buffet (a far cry from the Royal Buffet in Manchester).

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