April 05, 2006

Chipping Away at Things

I'm slowly building to the chaotic cacophany of activity that will result in getting my taxes done. April invoicing done. Large spreadsheet finished and shipped. Ticket system updated for 2006 (I am punting on getting the planned upgrade done this summer, will shoot for the winter season.....) and after that I should be able to send another invoice. I have some minor website errands to finish, and a more substantial yet less time critical photo upgrade pending. After that - pretty much nothing to do but taxes....

Zippy and I walked the younger dogs last night - we pretty much gave up because the youngster's bad behavior (tug of war with the leash, being aggressive with the other dog) but its time to get back to that and try to get him civilized. For my trouble, I got a lacerated middle finger (got caught in the leash or his nails or something) while I was correcting him. Stupid dog. He settles down after about 50 feet of being an asshole, but those 50 feet can be pretty frustrating.

I did get to yoga yesterday - "power" yoga to add to my menu of choices. I really like having multiple teachers at the studio and multiple options. It's taken me a bunch of months to work my way through the various options, which is good - if I had attempted a hot or power session at the start, I might have gotten scared off (or hurt) but by going slowly and working up to it, things are OK. In any case, I have found myself drawing from a bunch of teachers in my postures and trying to distill a lowest common denominator core. But its kind of neat to consider "I need a session with ___________" at times, and at other times to sort of let my energy be guided from outside in terms of what class I go to and with what instructor - each of the instructors brings a different vibe or energy or focus. I am trying hard not to stick to one specific class or instructor, since I think it might get easy to go for the goodies and avoid the edges. And I kind of enjoy when I go to a class that is dual facilitated and do not know which instructor I am going to get, or perhaps when I go to a class that has a substitute. I like that sort of randomness - better to learn balance in a bit of a breeze.

Right now my problem is too much exercise or activity - between 2-3 jazzercise sessions a week and 2-3 yoga sessions, I am really spending a lot of time in that realm. And with the weather picking up (current conditions notwithstanding) I'll soon having walking and biking and hiking and roller blading on the menu. Not a bad addiction, I guess....

We have two Netflix movies pending: The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill and Before Night Falls. Lest you consider us film snobs, we've been spending more time with Dave Chappelle's first season DVD than anything else - we caught on to Mr. Chappelle fairly late in his Comedy Central reign, and our cable company pulled Comedy Central from the uber-basic service we have, so it's a guilty pleasure. I was visiting MYA's GSA last week and the kids were talking about Chappelle incessantly so I picked it up when we were at Target over the weekend.

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