April 07, 2006

Boku vs. Beaucoup

My brother, who works in law enforcement, occasionally uses the word beaucoup in describing much or many of something. As in "There were beaucoup incidents last night because it was a full moon". Kind of a funny infusion of french into what is often a more blue collar slang or jargon - but it is what it is. And this is not about my brother, I just happen to have noticed him using the word over the years, so I assume it has been making the rounds of usage among the uniformed set.

However, when folks who are unaware of the actual word and/or french roots thereof pick up the word in spoken exchange, and then try to translate that into written communication, I've noticed it has started to be written as Boku.

Which is (choose one) a musical instrument, or the marketing bstardized names of a board game and a juice drink). Or if you are Japanese, a masculine first person reference ("I"). But not a substitue for the word beaucoup.

Please make a note of this.

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Anonymous said...

Beaucoup is what ya do when ya put yer pickup in reverse.