April 16, 2006

Drive drive drive drive

Went up to mom's today with Zippy - just a quiet dinner with her and my brothers. Fun. Our dessert (lime chiffon pie) was a success, the food was family typical (ham, scalloped potatoes, string beans). We were up there about 3 hours, brought mom some flowers for the patio at River's Edge Garden Center in Framingham, a sort of tradition (Easter and Mother's Day)

I was really tired this morning - two sub-normal sleep nights and a late night last night with some food / drink. (Not too drowsy for yoga, but it was a really inward, meditative practice. Another surprise Kate session.) I got really drowsy en route back from MA, and grabbed a quick nap upon returning.

Back to the work week. I have a weekend conference thing coming up next weekend, and a bunch of small projects this week. And I do need to do a bit of marketing this week - the one-off engineering projects have slowed although my steady clients have been chugging along. I'm catching up on a lot of overdue things, but I'll be running out of these eventually....

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