April 27, 2006

Expensive Dogs

We've taken two of the critters to the vets twice for routine check-ups and shots this month, and the total bill has been over $500. We're kvetching about that. We really like the vet a lot (she's really nice and good with the dogs), but there has been a lot of subtle selling of vaccinations that are maybe not critical, (especially for Melina, who is 14 and may not last the summer) - and when we went for a follow-up booster (quick appointment) got charged for a full office visit / check-up for each of them. (despite them having been in there two weeks ago)

Oh, and we brought in a stool sample - the vet said to just bring one since if one of them has something, they all probably do. I fetched a fresh pile o' poop, but Zippy went and got a bunch of samples to add to that. So on the bill, we are getting $19 for each dog for stool analysis. Grumble. Should have just stuck to one sample.

I think we need to become more educated about what is really needed (or not) and be a little smarter and firmer about trying to keep the costs down.

Stupid dogs.

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