April 23, 2006

Creativity & Journalism: Can They Mix?

A little free write exercise entitled Resonant Energy from Angie Chuang's workshop - to get a bit more personal / creative / emotional with something that was reported on. Not being a working member of the media, I did not have any covered stories to based this on, but I did put together a newsletter piece on this interaction, so I figure it was something.

It was hot and noisy, chaos, lots of energy. I was in the darkness of a tent, in shade and shadow, and she was coming in out of brightness. I was inside, belonging, a member of the tribe, while she was outisde, a visitor, and a stranger. My confidence and bravado was written on my shirt; she seemed less sure. Wiser maybe, or perhaps just beaten down by life, too grateful for simple existence.

Thre was so little time - no opportunity to plan a response or to feel out a vibe. Time just to transact the business at hand, the commerce of the situation: buying a shirt, choosing color and size, asking the price. Hurry, hurry, something drags me away, and when I return to our table, she is gone.

I'm hungry - for contact, for approval, for connection - and perhaps she is too, but the rules are understood. Make no contact. Even if you know, you do not know.

Fear - would I out her? Embarass her? Would her companions figure her out? Would I be the subject of queries and comments that she would suffer for?

Locked up, nervousness, tentative energy. Dusty farm field.

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