April 15, 2006

Early Warning System

A former spouse once pointed out my "early warning system" - I was always the first to notice when my circle was getting loud, or stepping on toes, or otherwise was coloring out of the lines. I was admittedly over the top about that and have, I think, settled down to a point of not having to be a perfect little child at all times. However, the concept of an early warning system, or a spider sense, has served me well over the years.

Yesterday, a nice young man (pretty much everyone is young, these days) from the evangelical church in my office building stopped by to say hello while I was finishing up some work. Probably figuring that someone working on Good Friday was a heathen in need of some saving. No sales pitch, although he did comment on my office (homey and decidedly anti-corporate) and my office plants (I have four, all doing well due to windows and southern exposure) - and seeing as the church's annual theme is "growth":
So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God who makes things grow. - 1st Corinthians 3:7

I am perhaps a wee bit concerned. Hopefully this social visit will not signal a recruiting campaign, or some resonance with his minstry or inner journey (look for a woman with a lot of plants, she will lead you....)

Sidebar, it's interesting how many "Life Community Church" or "New Life Community Church" groups there are. (I needed to really drill down to find the link above, its a really common name) It's also interesting that so many of the chuches I did find describe themselves as cell churches. Hm, where else do we see a cell organizational structure? Just the interplay of language and terminology is interesting. I mean, a lot of things fall into this structure (hell, my yoga studio is a "cell" of sorts) - but to adopt / continue to use the verbiage in these "War on Terror" times.....just interesting.