April 21, 2006

Where's My Advil?

Zippy and a friend are on a tear; a recent tragic car crash in Hartford that killed 4 people (the responsible driver survived) has triggered a heated discussion on morality, responsibility, vindictiveness, punishment. It's moved to Enron right now. Oops, now we are onto Bill Gates and Microsoft. My prediction - it moves to the Catholic Church next....(we're talking power and corruption). I'm keeping mum just to let the discussion go.

Kind of a unique weekend - I am spending it mainly mostly at a Writer's Workshop sponsored by the Hartford Courant. Will be an interesting weekend. I've gone through the list of speakers (most unknown to all of us here) - and penciled in preferences for each session. Kind of excited about it - in a sort of selfish, doing something for myself, feeding a bit of different energy and passion into my life sort of way.

So no yoga or jazzercise. S'ok, I got in three power/hot sessions this week; all of them joyously drenching and sweaty ones. And really, I might actually sneak something in tomorrow; WHY has a 7:30 class.....

The conversation has moved into the area of gendered birth rate and patriarchal cultures (china and others). And how matriarchal or egalitarian cultures have been destroyed, dominated, or swallowed up by patriachal ones. Don't you wish you could be here? It's sort of like a salon, but with a bit of vigor....

On other fronts, I am contemplating a Soul Awakening Retreat. Long story here. Israel was my first therapist / counselor, and I did some really good work (groups, psychodrama) with him. I left there perhaps with some work left undone, and it seems like it might be an interesting (and perhaps necessary) coda to that work. The nature of this experience resonates a lot with where I am today.

I'm am in a place in life where I feel as if its time to close a significant chapter and to move on. My work with Israel has popped into my conscious several times over the past few weeks, and I've learned to pay attention when that sort of message is being sent.

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