April 19, 2006

No Child Left Behind

Is it me, or are wwe getting a little too obsessed with setting educational standards and measuring results.

Witness this new consumer product from Cottonelle. From their FAQ:
I don't understand how this shows children how much toilet paper to use?
Each segment of paw-prints and puppy is roughly 5 sheets long. Starting with a first paw print, the child should be instructed to follow the paw prints to the puppy then tear at the puppy. This will provide roughly 5 sheets of toilet paper, an average amount for one wipe. A new segment of toilet paper should be taken for each subsequent wipe.

So. Who decided that 5 sheets of TP was an average amount? And how do you put that little project on your CV?

Per K's comment, apparently this was the subject of Andy Rooney's latest commentary. But did Andy use toilet paper in his commentary? I think not!

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Anonymous said...

Quit channeling Andy Rooney!