April 13, 2006

Just What I Needed

I feel like the little red ball in a shell game....

I was planning to do yoga this morning, with Power class (Marcia) or a Gentle class (Shankara) to choose from. Except I knew Marcia was out, and John was subbing, and although I love John's hot class, I was slightly out of tune with that this morning. So I opted for Shankara (who usually kicks my butt, gentle class or no). He's just so rigorous about postures; I really love working on form in his classes.

Except when I got to the studio, I found Kate (my first yoga instructor, for whom I will always have a soft spot cause her spirit and gentle intro class got me hooked into practice) subbing for Shankara, and Kate led a very deliberate gentle class that focused on lower back (where I was particularly tweaky this morning) and after class, I realized, it was just perfect for where I was today.

So, life continues to play the shell game with me, and whatever shell I pick up, I get the prize.

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