April 01, 2006

Cowboys and Indians

We went to see The World's Fastest Indian last night at Real Art Ways. Just a truly well crafted and delightful little movie. We delighted at the old cars, Anthony Hopkins was great as Burt Munro, and I was much taken with the Bonneville Salt Flats "speed week" folks (who seemed to me akin to my hot air balloon friends, a folk festival, and a gearhead version of burning man). Somewhere along the way I had picked up some knowledge of the land speed record vehicles so it was cool to see them portrayed and the whole speed week event on film. Cowboys, indeed.

Real Art Ways is gearing up for their 30th Anniversary / Real Party on April 8th. If you have $175 to drop on a ticket, you get to be at one of the premiere arts / social events / fundraisers of the season, and you get to take home a piece of art. The list of contributing artists is impressive, I noticed Yoko Ono, Bill Griffith (Zippy!) and a friend Mark Catalina (or here) on the list of legions, not being an art aficianado, I am sure there are more notable names. I ended up going last year (a friend who is a long time RAW supporter had bought tickets which last year were sold in pairs, and wanted company - she got the art).

I really liked the Real Party logo this year, graphically. (The "free art" is all on a fixed sized canvas, so the logo mirrors the art on the wall) Marketing geek, me.

Also, for you folks surfing over from Colin's blog, please note silent auction item:
Co-Host with WTIC personality Colin McEnroe on his popular and feisty radio show.

Popular *and* feisty, eh? Maybe Joe Lieberman will bid....

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