April 10, 2006

Tax Day

A week early. Huzzah. Factoids:

* I made all my quarterly estimated payments in 2005, so I only owed around ~$1000 - definitely manageable, and far less than I had set aside for taxes.

* I upped my quarterly estimated payments this year - just in case 2006 is a good year ::crossing my fingers:: I did have a pretty large check to start the year off so I figure why not plan to succeed.

* Now that 100% of my self employment health insurance is deducted pre AGI (new for 2005) I pretty much dropped below the standard deduction line on page 2 of 1040. I need to buy a house or something. I also need to investigate a Health Care Savings Account.

* I overpaid my state of CT taxes considerably, so I should be all set for 2006 with minimal additional payments.

* I filed my state of CT taxes on the web. No muss, no fuss.

* Self employment / social security taxes just make me cry.

The big picture, however, I AM DONE! A couple of hours to clean up my paperwork and file it away, and I can get back to real work.

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