April 07, 2006

The Gospel of Judas

This story fascinates me. I've long been interested in the Gnostic gospels - Elaine Pagels et al. Mostly, however, I've been interested in the general gnostic ideas of self salvation and fulfillment, parallels to eastern religions, the whole role of Mary Magdalene, etc.

But now...sheesh - we're hitting on the core of the Jesus story. Judas, the traitor, the potter's field, 40 pieces of silver, all that. Jesus' bud and best friend, the one who could be counted on to carry through and do what needed to be done. This text opens all that to discussion. Can we consider how much anti-semitism is linked to Judas (who always seems to be portrayed as dark and semitic, vs. the more northern european portrayals of Jesus).

My own personal philosophy does not stop at the redemption of earthly villians, but goes all the way to the evil one, who, in a sort of eastern interpretation of christian philosophy, I perceive to be the other side of the christian god, and that the world will remain wounded until the god of lightness and the god of darkness are reunited. But I digress....

Getting back to odd linkages, how cool is the similarity of this alternate look at the Judas myth to this alternate interpretation of another villian?

No one mourns the wicked....

Something is going on in the culture with these antivillians (antihero does not seem to really fit here, and if antivillian catches on, I said it first, dammit)....the next thing we are gonna get is the news that Osama Bin Laden is really a hero, and that the 9/11 attacks were a good thing (because they prevented or diverted a much more tragic attack)

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Anonymous said...

anti charecters are populer becouse there funny or in emotional pain. everone likes that. my point is illustrated somwere in russian hisory.