April 03, 2006

Shooting Hoops

Zippy and I grabbed a basketball and went and found a public basketball court (no mean task*) to shoot some hoops on yesterday.

Kind of odd for us (with a mean age of close to 50) to enjoy that, but we both did. Zippy has a pretty good shooting form (in a sort of Bob Cousy, flat-footed way) and I like dribbling in for layups and sky hooks. I do some graphics work for the local WNBA team so I get to be around tall, hoops-playing women most of the summer, which makes my 40 something blood want to get on the court now and then, and Sunday was the kind of day that stir up a youthful "let's get out and play" attitude.

Kind of fun. I think both of us did not get enough sports as kids - Zippy has issues with competition, so a shoot-around for fun is great; had we played one-on-one or horse we would have ended up fighting. And I was always the last picked for any sort of team sports, being somewhat clumsy and fragile.

* We headed south from Hartford into Newington looking for a basketball court. We suspect that suburban schools no longer install outdoor courts because they are perceived to be a magnet for the wrong sorts of people (yeah, THOSE people) and suburban kids are likely to have a driveway hoop up somewhere on the block. Even our 'somewhat on the suburban fringes' neighborhood has a couple of portable hoops and a street game going most weekends and afternoons. We finally found an old court with serviceable hoops at Churchill Park in Newington. We had a good discussion on racism while we drove around looking for some place to play.

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