April 03, 2006

New Month, New Week

Zippy and a friend went to a rare Sunday concert last night, so I ended up at the office, getting my end of the month stuff done and doing some work on a spreadsheet. The next two weeks are gonna be busy; the aforementioned spreadsheet needs to be completed, as does a ticketing system for another client. And my taxes. Ugh.

The spreadsheet is getting large; it may be time to do another tweak on the size. I have some AUTO OPEN and AUTO CLOSE routines that clear out cells on closing and repopulate them on opening, and I may need to confirm those are working right as well as migrate that to a couple of other places in the workbook.

Definitely a productive weekend. The entire yard got cleaned up, all the garden bricks got reset, many bushes and shrubs got trimmed, including the most hated roses beside the driveway. My back feel slightly achey and large this morning, although while I was on hands and knees digging with the bricks, I felt all the benefits of yoga in terms of sprightly jumping from spot to spot.

I also got in jazzercise and yoga, and we ran lots of consumer errands. The dogs got up around 5:15 but I have kept them unfed until now; I am trying to get them into a more civilized 6 am feeding (and waking / fussing) schedule.

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