April 13, 2006

A Life in Her Day

Zippy saw a poster up for a performance this evening at CCSU, by Hilary Chaplain. A clown / magician, who works mostly in mime - her show A Life in Her Day was incredibly funny. Some parts had us howling. She was billed as a sort of hybrid of Charlie Chaplin (no relation, different spelling) and Lucille Ball - though I was catching Gilda Radner (remember her Judy Miller character? Maybe a little more wry and a bit less frenetic...) and even a little bit of the playfulness of Suzzy Roche.

Maybe its a physical resemblence of her character, in both cases. There's even a little resonance with Alyson Court's character Loonette from the Big Comfy Couch.

In any case, I was delighted and charmed by Ms. Chaplain, and urge you to see her if you get the chance. I think she was at the University to teach a workshop to a drama class - the audience was full of young'uns and seemed like a theatre crowd.

More evidence really - so many talented folks in the theater and performing arts - what we see in the mass media is only the very small (and for the most part, sanded smooth) tip of a very large iceberg of talent.

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