April 20, 2006

Gas Stove

For the 5 years that I have cohabitated with the Zipster, we've been cooking with what seems like a 70's vintage electric stove (small, decrepit) and a separate Jenn-Air electric cook-top that we can not seem to keep more than two burners alive on.

This morning, we're having a brand-new gas stove installed. It's sort of a phased-in approach - we ripped out the old oven and cabinetry last week, the new stove was delivered on Tuesday, and the plumber is here today. After the gas is all installed, we'll be running some electric (stove and hood), purchase and install a hood / fan / light, and put together some cosmetics - wall covering (faux tile), cabinetry, paint, and trim.

In addition, the Jenn-Air get's deinstalled, a new countertop installed throughout the kitchen, and some cabinet rework. There is a lot of junk under the Jenn-Air (fan / exhaust duct / grease trap) which needs to be pulled, and that space will be turned into real cabinets. And maybe some cosmetic improvements (new hardware, paint or reface) on the kitchen cabinets throughout.

It's all very low budget, but we're excited.

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