April 09, 2006

Drunk or In Love

A brief sidebar from a recent post: the foreshadowing of the "cutting my hair" thing echo'd a similar statement in my own past.

When I was young and clueless and enigmatically screaming to the world that there was something more to me, I made the brash statement to a prospective love interest that "....I only dance when I am drunk or in love...." Said love interest took this to heart - and one evening in the midst of dancing, asked "Are you drunk?" and when I insisted, no (perhaps thinking we were discussing my ability to drive), she smiled to herself. Since I was dancing, and not drunk, clearly I must be in love. And yes, I most assuredly was.

Forward to today. Said love interest and I have parted ways (although I will always remain somewhat in love). And I no longer need the ecstatic excuse of alcohol or endorphins to dance. Or maybe, I am drunk on life, or in love with life. I dunno. I dance a lot: jazzercise, yoga, with the dogs, on summer mornings at dawn, even with people on occasion.

I had quite forgotten this bit of the Jude legend.

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