April 10, 2006

A Slow Start

Normally I burst out of bed at 5, am out of the house at 7, and am sitting at the office working soon thereafter. Today I got a slow start - Zippy took care of the dogs, my feet hit slippers at 6:30, and I'm here at work at 8. Banker's hours, in Jude-reckoning.

Yesterday was kind of a long day, I guess - did hot yoga in the morning (the instructor was particularly playful and I was smiling a lot). Zippy and I went for a long bike-ride through the wilds of Newington (we spent a lot of time looking at houses, porches, etc. and deciding if particular neighborhoods would be dyke friendly based mostly on the prevelance of american flags, pick-up trucks, and obsessively manicured lawns). We also stocked up - with trips to Stop n' Shop, CVS, and Appletree.

Later, a friend came over and we watched Before Night Falls, based on the same-named autobiography of Reinaldo Arenas. Very interesting story, well made movie. Between the immigration issues, the embargo, and the cold war between Castro and the USA, we really do not get to see much of Cuba other than stereotypes and cliches - so it was pretty interesting to get a more in depth look, especially of the interface of the gay sub-culture to the regime and military / police. Supporting roles for Johnny Depp and Sean Penn, and Javier Bardem was superb portraying Arenas. Zippy, the eternal reader, has a couple of Arenas books - she pulled one out last night (so we could see how closely Bardem resembled Arenas on the back jacket).

Then we got to talking (Arenas died of AIDS, and we were speculating that had he contracted the disease today he'd still be alive, and that evolved into a bunch of social, political, and cultural topics), which rolled on through until 10:30. Late night for us old people. Hence the late start.

I'm just about ready to get my taxes done; I should know by the end of the day how things look in terms of estimated taxes, and if my savings will cover any shortage and the 1Q 2006 estimated payment. ::crossing fingers::

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