October 13, 2006

This and That

Well, with the turn in weather yesterday, fall seems to be finally and incontroveribly upon us. The hard freeze last nigght was just what the trees needed to finally kick over, and I expect foliage peak this weekend or next.

After a month or so in storage to prevent fatique, my Ned Lamont lawnsign is back. My schedule does not really permit a lot of phone banking in the coming weeks, but I'm still on board.

MYA and I went to Real Art Ways last night to see Princesas, a spanish film about two prostitutes (one home grown, one from the dominican republic). It was really outstanding, a wonderful story about friendship and women in difficult situations, and wonderfully set to film. Hard and gritty, but wonderful.

I have a bunch of little things going on today - along the work lines. Tonight, Zippy and I are having a nice dinner, and later, Kirtan - I am excited about that. Going to run through everything one more time today, I restrung my new guitar, I tuned up my old guitar (backup). I need to add some changes and reprint my music / chords. Rumor has it that the bass player for Krisna Das is joining us tonight. This is (in chanting or kirtan circles) the equivalent of Garry Tallent sitting in with a bar band doing Burce covers. Needless to say, the guitarist is nervous.

Whoa. I just went looking. Not sure if the person joining us is "a" bass player for Krisna Das (i.e. - someone local who has played with Krisna Das along the way) or "the" bass player for Krisna Das. But if its the latter, it will be very wonderful to meet her and it kind of puts a weird and new gendered spin on my nervousness.

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