October 26, 2006

Leaving Los Angeles

Another conference come and gone. Not really so much new - like Brigadoon, we return each year for a slice of networking and seminaring.

I missed a network and schmoozathon last night (sponsored cocktail party) for the privilege of dining with J, out here in LA. It was really really good, for a bunch of reasons. J has a beautiful apartment in the Hollywood Hills, impeccably and warmly furnished (Zippy's comment "Of course, she's a Libra" and in fact J said the same thing (about her birth sign as a reason why her place was so gorgeous). It took some of my "sting" away, I have held the image of her rootless and adrift - when in fact she has a most wonderful home. Surely more grounded than I am!

We talked about a lot. We went to a fabulous little restaurant on Sunset Blvd called Dusty's - noteworthy for the waitron's (who all seemed to be wearing nightgowns) to the lights (beautiful fixtures, very romantic inside) to the food. I had a seared peppercorn Ahi to die for.

I dunno, we seem to be surprising each other. I was kind of noncomittal about getting together because I was out here for work and needed to be schmoozing, but I am totally glad I did. It was wonderfully healing for me; and I think for her. And she is working on recording some old songs that have never had the full studio treatment, and the rough mixes are pretty great.

She also has an IPOD which makes me jealous. Bet she has real cable too.

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Anonymous said...

I've long suspected you are a better person than I. I, too, recently had dinner with my ex, but only after a judge told me to quit benig immature.