October 01, 2006

So, about Mark Foley

Amusingly, the campaign website is gone. The official House of Representatives webpage for the congressman (usually a bombastic bit of "look at me" ism) is also gone. Only Wikipedia remains (and is, per usual, remarkably current).

What's to say. That queerish folks are hiding within the conservative movement is no secret. That repression often leads to inappropriate acting out is also not that much of a secret. (look at the Roman Catholic priest scandal) Congressman FOley had been characterized as a Republican moderate. Per Wikipedia:
Foley's stances on many social issues, such as abortion, differ from his party's leadership. Although a Roman Catholic, Foley is pro-choice (a member of The Republican Majority For Choice[9]) but has advocated alternatives such as adoption and abstinence.

Roman Catholic, huh? Imagine that.

My thoughts:

I think the scandal here will be less about one closeted, repressed, and at this point devastated gay man, and more about the way this was handled within the congress. People knew about this stuff for over a year. Other heads will roll....and on the potential list of those

- Dennis Hastert (R-Ill), who initially seemed stunned but apparently got heads-up on this back in the Spring from
- John Boehner (R-Ohio), House Majority Leader, as conformed by
- Tom Reynolds (R-NY), who learned of the issues from
- Rodney Alexander (R-LA), who sponsored one of the pages who had received the problematic communiques from Foley, and finally
- John Shimkus (R-Ill), who heads the panel that oversees the page system

Hopefully, the response to this will not be like that of the Catholic Church (blame homosexuals, conduct a witch-hunt, drive those at risk deeper into denial and repression). But I am not optimistic. I only hope this serves to take down a few more Republicans this election season.

Serves them right, gay marriage (and the defense of heterosexual marriage) arguably energized the base to propel W into the white house last time around. So it would be good karma to have repressed conservative homosexuality come home to roost.

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