October 18, 2006

Debate Support

I took an hour off this afternoon to camp out at the Bushnell, to support Ned Lamont. Apparently, 200 others had the same idea (OK, the campaign made it an event, with an email and a few calls). It was a remarkable afternoon.

Lieberman Supporters. None. A few campaign staffers skulking, but no signs, no chants, no volunteers. Senator Lieberman himself skulked into the building (we were hoping to greet him) but by the time we got to the side of the Bushnell, his car was parked and he was gone.

Schlesinger Supporters. A handful. Maybe 4-6. I was hard pressed to be sure if they were real or actors - they seemed to be a bit "too" stereotypically nerdy young Republicans. But who knows. They got lots of cheers from the Ned Heads.....

Family. I met and shook hands with Ned Lamont's mother and father. Mom had a Ned Head button on.

Diversity. Bloggers were there, many with cameras or videotapes. But also seniors. Radicals. Men and women in workplace suits. College kids. Blue collar folks. Persons of color. Queer folk.

The Kiss Float. Finally got a good look at it. Humor.

I stayed until Mr. Lamont showed up, shook hands, went inside. Then back to my day.

Photo by Matt Stoller
- I'm in the middle

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DarmaOne said...

Hi, I was browsing the Web and came accross your site. I am pretty new to blogging and everything but it seems pretty fun.
Greet Blog..and keep posting.

Rgds // ayoeb

Anonymous said...

I've been reading about the debate all afternoon/evening. Cool to find out you were there.


Diana_CT said...

I wished I could have made there