October 18, 2006

Southwest Airlines vs. Wright Amendment

Got the following email from Southwest Airlines this morning. I am a pretty big fan of Southwest, on a lot of levels - their flights are on time, their service is consistent, its pretty egalitarian (i.e. - one does not need to be particularly privileged to be standing in the A grouping). They are profitable; my tax dollars are not subsidizing business frequent flyers nor families with screaming kids going to Disney World.
After 27 long years, the Wright Amendment fight is finally over! The Wright Amendment Reform Act was enacted into law, which will ultimately repeal the Wright Amendment in 2014. But now it allows Southwest Airlines to sell one-stop (same plane) and connecting service to and from Dallas to many new destinations across the country, including: Baltimore/Washington, Chicago Midway, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Orlando, Phoenix, and San Diego. Now all of our Customers, including those who fly into or out of Dallas Love Field Airport, truly are free to move about the country!

Starting today, Southwest will begin selling one-stop (same plane) and connecting flights into or out of Dallas for travel beginning October 19, 2006.

For additional information on the history of the Wright Amendment and what the Wright Amendment Reform Act means for you, please visit setlovefree.com

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