October 07, 2006

But Oh the Weekend

Will be a busy one. We head down to Princeton NJ. It's a long story, but Zippy's father's ex-wife (who is neither mother nor step-mother to Zippy) has summoned us down for a visit. OStensibly, its a birthday get together for J, Zippy's sister. But I suspect there is also a desire to meet me, to reconnect with Zippy. It should be interesting.

Odd how different our families are. Mine is more conventional - an insular family (long departed father, living mother, 4 kids, one in-law, 3 grandkids) set in the landscape of a huge rambling crowd of uncles, aunts, cousins - good catholic procreators all! So there is the small core of family I know so well, and a larger family I know less, by dint of numbers if nothing else.

Zippy, OTOH, has a rambling immediate family - with parents that divorced young, two completely independent step-families with unique personalities and character. It is informative that she has two sisters named Jenny, accurately described as Jenny A and Jenny B. And her immediate family is spread wide - Austin, Los Angeles, DC, NYC, CT. Amusingly, her families are somewhat Freudian, with her father's side being more Id, and her mother's side being more Ego. However, get past the immediate family and there is far less family - with just a few faces among cousins, aunts, uncles.

Assuming we make it back from there today, tomorrow is ballooning in the morning (weather permitting) and a trip to Northampton in the afternoon. With a visit from Zippy's father and possibly my mother (en route back from her own NJ sabbatical) in between.

In between - meditation. Maybe some self-directed yoga. Buttoning up the house (I closed the storms once so far, but we had a nice stretch there and a lot of the screens are back). And practicing for Kirtan.

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