October 23, 2006

Tee Shirts and Swag

I have been gifted with stuff, of late.

At the debate rally, I was handed a Ned Lamont tee shirt. Which I am proud to own and wear. Yesterday, we participated in America's Walk for Diabetes, and received two more tee shirts (one for the Joslin Center team, the High Steppers, through the Hospital of Central Connecticut (formerly New Britain General) , and one a red ADA "Walk" tee-shirt for having enough donations. The Joslin folks also gifted us with baseball caps (when was the last time you saw me wearing one of those?) and a lunch Koozie.

Yesterday was pretty laid back - I did some personal yoga in the morning, then the walk-a-thon (where we connected with 3 friends, and Zippy ran into someone from the water aerobics class). Then we hung out, napped, raked leaves. I ran over to the office for a few hours of work at night. Then Audrey came by for a visit.

I'm gonna be frantic today - I am heading out for CA tomorrow. Which means I need to:

* Get my presentation together (powerpoint, handouts)
* Pack my work stuff
* Load my laptop
* Finish up a special report for Client S
* Do a trip report for my Long Island trip
* Get a couple of proposals out that should have been done last week
* Pack my clothes

I am gonna try to squeeze in a hair appointment and at least one session of yoga, and I have my meditation class tonight.

Basically, when I hit the airplane seat, I suspect I am just gonna collapse. I have a an extra day out there to chill - my presentation and workshop chairing responsibilities are not until Thursday. So I can hopefull catch up a little remotely.

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