October 07, 2006

Type A Yogi

I kind of took the week off, yoga wise. I mean, I went to two gentle classes, but I did not get to any of the hot / power classes I usually frequent, and I had the chance to go to some other classes and skipped those as well.

Part of that is my tweaky back (which is less tweaky each day), part of that is schedule (I've had a busy week, especially in the mornings). But I also stopped by the studio on Thursday to drop something off, and A, the studio manager and I got to talking. In between the chit chat and niceties, she dropped some wisdom in there.

She's a yogi herself, and we were talking about gentle classes and how when you get done, your clothes are dry, your water bottle full, you do not need to mop up the floor around your mat. How one chaffs at doing a few slow, deliberate and basic sun salutations instead of 5 or 10 quick ones to get the prana flowing, with increasing levels of complexity and rigor. How savasana comes as salvation at the end of a hot practice - a collapse. She see's me coming out of the hot and power classes in the morning, flushed, drenched, beaming. She recognizes the signs.....I'm hooked on the buzz, the burn of a challenging yoga practice.

And perhaps its symptomatic of my life - staying busy, moving from challenge to challenge, revelling in the joy of strength, of flexibility, of energy. This has been an interesting week; humbling. In some ways the gentle practices were fun - a class with S where he did not need to come adjust me every few postures, but a simple "Jude put your heels together" from across the room was nice as he worked with newer students. A class with C, one of my first teachers, was like coming home from college, my old bedroom, a home cooked meal, curled up on the couch, getting centered.

I worked on breath. I worked on postures and technique. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the movement. I snuggled into a practice that was less about edges and more about curves, less about challenge and more about loving myself.

So it has been a really interesting week of reflection and pause.

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