October 30, 2006

Quitting Caffeine

I'm in the process of detoxing from caffeine. Heading to a retreat this coming weekend that is caffeine free and we'll be doing some kind of intense (focused) work so do not want headaches or the like. I got a good head start last week; with no morning coffee while I traveled and maybe one cup at the conference. I think I had my caffeine headache out there, on Thursday. I've been hitting decaf in the morning; although I did have a cup of the real stuff yesterday afternoon. But I think I am over the hump. Would not be a bad practice to continue past the weekend.....

Pretty mellow weekend - slept in Saturday, made a rare appearance at a support space (the rainy and windy weather kept me from the piles of outdoor chores pending around here), and we did a nice dinner and movie night with a group of women. Met a woman entrepreneur who makes handmade, organic dog treats: Baggabones. We got the clock change thing right.

Sunday morning, yoga. Then hanging around - still too windy to rake or spend a lot of time outdoors. We ended up at Kohls - Zippy found shoes and pants, I got socks. Lots of socks.

This week - plenty of work to do. A bunch of reports for one client. A trip report from my long island trip. Some projects to finish for October, then the end of the month stuff. I am headed out to a retreat all weekend (Fri-Sun) so I will be presed to get stuff finished. In the evenings - tonight, meditation group. Tomorrow, hand out candy to the kids. Wednesday - MYA for dinner. Thursday, off to the retreat.

No rest for the wicked....

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