October 14, 2006

That's Twice Now

A long workshop with Barbara at the studio and we end up in a long downward facing frog as a culmination of close to 3 hours of hip and shoulder work. And my body reacts predictably - convulsed in what can best be described as sobbing. I let my body have its grief, I shed a few tears myself. We have been at war for years, my body and I, and I do not begrudge my hips and pelvis for being angry, for shedding tears. I have demanded much sacrifice of them in recent years. As we make peace, there will be grief, there will be sobbing.

The second time that has happened, both times in Barbara's workshops. She wields powerful magick. Gonna take some time for me to recover. Not the comfortable but vigorous power class, nor the challenging aerobics of the hot class - this was a deep and strong and long and powerful practice. And for the first time since I started practicing at the studio, I felt present, I felt ready for one of Barbara's workshops / practices. The student is getting ready for the teacher, I think.

In other news - I have misplaced my cell phone. Might be at the studio from Kirtan. Might be in the car. Might be in my music bags and cases. Might be around the house. I dunno. Still looking for it....

And finally, we're off to see Mad Agnes tonight at Roaring Brook - a CD release party for their new work Revenants. Much joy to see them again; the last time was November 2003. A lifetime ago.

Edit: Cell phone found. It dropped out of my bag and into one of the cloth grocery bags this morning. Yeah.

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