October 14, 2006


Kirtan was last night. By all accounts, a success, especially consisdering it was my first time playing with the group and my first time playing in public in oh, 10 years or so. Some random observations:

* I found the kirtan soul despite being rooted into the reality of being a musician. Thankfully, my playing has entered muscle memory over the years - so with sufficient practice and familiarity with the chants, I was there in spirit. I was concerned about losing some of the spirit.

* We had some PA problems (speaker wiring and just not a lot of set-up time) so pretty much went without sound check. I would have liked to have gotten levels on both guitars.

* I had my old guitar set up open tuning for slide in one chant; in reality, I think I could have had time to retune the new guitar (especially with the built-in tuner) but we were pretty much working without a set list....and I was not really hearing the chants called out

* A switch-box to alternate guitars would have been nice. So would a small monitor or headphone to permit myself to hear myself

* Only one "surprise" - a coda to Ma Durga, left me fumbling. Apologies to ears I must have offended trying to find the third chord in the progression.

* I saw a few yoga friends in the crowd, some of whom seemed surprised to see me up front with a guitar in my hands. I suspect I'll have a few conversations about that in the coming week.

* I sat on bolsters / pillows - either cross-legged or kneeling. No serious knee or back issues but I think finding a formal seat is a good plan for the future.

* I am excited to get my old guitar tweaked up a bit - new tuners, a strap button on the neck. After playing the new guitar (smaller body) the old one sounds deep and full - and I am appreciating it a little more. If I cen get it to stay in tune - so much the better! The new guitar ALSO makes me realize how crappy the old tuners have become after 25+ years.

So yeah. Music wise - I am back. I'm happy about that.

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