October 01, 2006

The Vagaries of Print

Reading Colin McEnroe's last column for NE (the psuedo-sunday magazine formerly known as Northeast) today, it strikes me that the column itself is a good example of newspaper obsolescence. Obviously, his column deadline (Thursday, I think) means he wrote it unawares of the Mark Foley scandal, about to unfold, which would have fit in perfectly with his piece, entitled I've Got a Secret. And had he been blogging it, it would have been a different column. I kind of look forward to his blog comments, actually - the meta discussion that will ensure.

I'm going to miss Northeast - there was a time when I would read it cover to cover, had a pile of Merl Reagle's crosswords, cut from the magazine, which I would take along on business trips for the plane. But I also have to confess that I do not recall the last time I bought the Courant to get Northeast or NE.....I buy the Courant when I am going to have some time to read, when I want to do a little paper and ink surfing. A plane trip, a doctors waiting room, a meal alone at a restaurant, a work gig that will involve some down time. Occasions like that) But so often I get my news online (more immediate! more linked and hyperlinked!) or radio (whilst driving, usually, but also when I am doing chores or otherwise occupied).

I think if I lived alone I would subscribe to the Sunday Courant - but my clutter, the amount of ephemera generated by my life, and the disorganization, recycling, and/or disposal therof, is already a point of tension in my world. I have no need for the Courant's bulk to be adding to the weekly problem. Though a leisurely Sunday with the paper is a most sublime treat.....

Hm....this started off wanting to be a discussion of Mark Foley, and went elsewhere. I guess I'll blog about that other stuff anon.

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