October 14, 2006

Susan Forbes Hansen

How does she do it. She was standing at the back of the house at Roaring Brook Nature Center tonight at the start of the Mad Agnes show. She left at some point at or before the break. She was on the air on WFCR (Valley Folk) at 9:00 pm. How, pray tell?

Theory #1: She tapes the show. Not hard to do - you sync your clock, you run through the show live, you roll the tape at the appointed time. It's not like there are traffic or weather updates on public radio on Saturday night. Walt Graham from WSHU would do that now and then for Acousticonnections, although I think he mostly ran live. Giving credence to this, in her concert announcements she mentioned Roaring Brook a few times, and one would think she would mention having just come from there. She might even just tape the first hour or so. In any case, we cleared the NAture Center around 10:10 and she was on the air - we got to hear We're About Nine and Girlyman, pulling our hair out trying to figure out who it was (we've seen 'em both at Falcon Ridge, and I in fact own CD's from both groups, though have not listened to either in a while)

Theory #2: She lives near Roaring Brook and is able to broadcast live from her home. Technologically sound, though pricey. Seeing as she does shows on a bunch of stations, not completely unlikely.

Theory #3: Magic. Or Dimension Drive.

Theory #4: She has a twin. Or a clone.

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