October 17, 2006

Weekend Recovery

Without realizing it, the weekend became a busy one. So I am only now recovering.

Friday was Kirtan, of course. Saturday morning was chores and shopping and hanging out, then the 3 hour yoga workshop that my pelvis is still discussing. Then home for sinner and then off to see Mad Agnes (more about them later) at Roaring Brook.

Sunday was balloon chasing - BB took a 4 person family from Southington to Berlin. Champagne and snacks after but no breakfast, then home for some more shopping and chores, then off to pick up MYA for the Rainbow Room. Meditated and more chores while she was there, then fetched her, we did dinner, took her home, and back to the house.

Monday was busy in its own right - work and zapping and a meditation group. And today - work, yoga, dentist appointment, work.

Somewhere there is a woman who has time to do her nails, who can watch television shows, who can find time to have a Second Life or chat online or play Sims or whatnot. But it ain't me, babe......

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